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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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part of our verify road trip. >> mold, employees blowing their nose. >> is your favorite restaurant on the dirty list? >> the ultimate betrayal. politicians are doing everything they c arizona. >> tim kane rallying in phoenix and if you son today. mitt romney was in town campaigning for senator john mccain in mesa. >> already many voters seem to be set is on who they're voting for, waiting in massive lines for hours to cast their early ballots. all of this is coming after last spring's voting disaster in the presidential preference election. >> do you trust arizona's
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go to trisha hen -- trisha joins us with people waiting in long lines in the poll >> reporter: people waiting 1-3 hours to cast their votes. the rain was coming down, but it wasn't the rain causing the frustration. it was the wait. >> 2.5to yes. >> reporter: voting early, making some people late. >> 2.5 hours. after a couple minutes, i thought oh, this is going into our dinnertime >> reporter: zoey decided to come back and try later. shannon only waited an hour. >> it's our civic duty, and with this election, it's even more important.
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>> reporter: timmy mcgovern had early bloods. >> we filled it up and went to the front of the line and dropped it off. >> reporter: the law dictates the early voting period and she can't extend the hours. >> we've got more equipment to the polling places. >> reporter: she is running for another term as recorder, the person in charge of elections. she came year when the presidential primary turned out to be a mess. her staff is doing everything they can this time around and she expects high turnout on election day. you've got to get in line before 5:00 pm. if not, you'll have to go to your specific polling location next
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making history today, taking part in first all-spanish language campaign rally for a major party candidate. 300 people gathered to hear kaine's 25-minute speech in spanish. he is calling on the latino voters to prove jan brewer wrong for criticizing hispanic voting habits. he emphasized the theme of unity in america, no matter your background or you speak. [ speaking foreign language ] >> it lets us know, the latino population of arizona, and i'm born and bred american, that we are part of the citizens. we count, we matter. >> kaine also deliver something 1-liners, calling donald trump a pallaso, which translates into clown. mitt romney is stumping for senator john mccain.
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rally on the outdoor patto of the cubs spring training park. >> we have had a president that when it came to helping people in this country, he hasn't clue. now we're in a position where we rely on people of insurance in judgment like john mccain. >> mccain 's rival tweeted a link to her website calling romney's event "another blunder." in the article on her page is leading the nation in early voting by latinos and is claims that mccain is in serious trouble. donald trump holds the advantage here in arizona. >> the latest poll shows trump leading clinton by 5 points, 46-frob%. >> is there anything that can happen in the next few days to change voters' minds?
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independent. >> registered as a democrat. >> i am a conservative republican. >> reporter: safe to say that the three of you have made up your mind. is there anything that could happen in the next five days that would make you feel different than you feel right now? >> something comes out tomorrow or even on monday, no. >> nothing is gonna happen the next five days that would change my mind. i did vote for definitely do have some concerns about her, about the e-mails. >> it would be nice if she was indicted and erase it, but i don't see that happening anytime soon. >> it wouldn't change your mind. >> it wouldn't change my mind f. something came out about trump that we didn't know, while i don't agree and approve of the way he's spoken in the past, i think that's well in the past. >> as a democrat with e-mails being reopened --
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with hillary and her experience, i was pretty much decided. >> there are some things that trump has done that i'm not happy about, but i don't think it's the same magnitude as potential treasonous acts. >> this election has us divided. next thursday will we be more divide or less? >> i was mortified the way obama won the second term. it took me about over it, and we gotta move forward. so we'll accept the election whichever way it goes. be upset for a couple days like your sports team losing and move forward. >> people will move forward, we have to come together, three men with faith in humanity. we're
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find out if prop 205, the mthat would legalize recreational pot will pass or fail. 12news is verifying claims on both sides of the debated, including our trip to colorado where recreational pod has been legal for years. we've been looking at the pros and cons, the business aspect, and the concerns of people getting high and hitting the road. a large in the denver area that looks exclusive look. has legalized marijuana led to more traffic deaths in colorado? you'll see what we encountered tomorrow. a car ending up in a canal near u.s. 60 in tempe after strong thunderstorms slam the
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call that driver to safety. and we are still on weather watch tonight. check out this video of the heavy rain and winds even causing a tornado warning up in northern arizona. and then chick out this, a wall of dust. a massive power outage as well in southwest phoenix and tempe. more than 200 customers were in the dark at the height of the storm. live look at the and things are not over yet for us. we still have some activity primarily in portions of the far eastern part of maricopa county. recently some showers moving through hours like apatchy junction and found hills. there's more, pushing up into yavapai county, east of prescott. so that's where the moisture is going. even a little snow at the san francisco peaks.
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12 million americans will suffer from food poisoning this week alone. last week we told you about mice droppings and chicken blood drink on prepared food. an getting a glifrms at other disgusting things happening. ryan cody is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: the environmental services department is on the
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>> reporter: everyone blows their their nose, bino one should be doing it when preparing your food. that's what they found at this jason's deli. an employee did not wash her hands. then one inspector at this del taco in mesa, health inspectors found employise cutting avocados on that's why they suggest using a cutting board. >> reporter: the county is not just keeping up on restaurants. anyone serving food or drinks gets inspected. this circle-k was flagged because the ice dispenser had heavy accumulation of mold. our last stop is at cam's on broadway road in
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they found it inside of a bucket with holes in the side. what would happen if the environmental services department wasn't working for you? you would have to eat at your own risk. we're in national alzheimer's awareness month. tonight landmarx across the country are lit up in teal. there are more than five million americans living with alzheimer's. you're about to meet one of them. >> a lot of us have parents getting older. we're thinking about their health and caring for them as the years go on. we also worry about the level of that care. >> it's tough, especially when
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numbers. one in nine seniors report being abused or exploited in the past year. one in 20 older adults is ripped off financially. >> and this is the most concerning number, 90% of abusers are family members or someone that is supposed to be trusted. that leads us to a 12news investigation. >> an 83-year-old woman in the final stages of ahlers hiermz has nothing left of her life savings. >> she doesn't with protecting vulnerable adults overlooked an employee accused of ripping off his own mother-in-law. the department of economic security an agency that touteds a record of finding wrongdoers. >> to bring the hammer down. >> reporter: failed to bring that hammer down on one of its own. >> i authorized the arrest of seven employees >> reporter: not this time. >> i wish this had never
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>> how one slipped throughout cracks. >> wendy is here with her exclusive investigation. >> reporter: her mother was frugally. >> she went without so others could have >> reporter: in the last stage of alzheimer's, she has a blank stare that goes right through you, unable to speak, walk, or read. a disease that robs the mind. and breaks her daughter's heart. she's losing the battle. >> every time, every day i see her -- it gets harder. i just pray to god sheens who i am.
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2015, she noticed something was off with her mother's bank statements. her brother-in-law was a signer on her mother's wells fargo account. at the time her doctor noted she had become progressively more belligerent, confused, and paranoid. money is missing. lots of it. she records the conversation. >> there's so much money. >> yeah. it's all money y spent. >> reporter: when he started asking questions. >> she hand today to me and said go get me some groceries. >> reporter: the answers she got did not make sense. >> he tried to tell me it was a gift. that my mother gifted it to him. >> reporter: as far as she was concerned, it was one excuse after another. >> mileage to the post office and the bank every week for five years. >> mileage for five years?
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every month. >> who would do that to an older woman? [ laughter ] >> it's not funny. >> reporter: then a confession of sorts. >> believe me, the first three or four months, it was to the point where i wouldn't accept it. then she forced it on me >> reporter: he took her to her credit union, claiming to investigate her as she told him to withdraw all of her money, $32,000, and use today to purchase this cashier's check and put it away and not tell anyone and use it to >> $ 32,000. >> i have no idea. >> you have no idea? you have no idea? >> i have no idea >> reporter: a game of cat and mouse. >> it's funny you have no idea. your name is on the back of the cashier's check. your name. your signature, rick. so you have no idea, huh? you better stop what you're doing. and you better think.
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hard. >> right, i'll stop what i'm doing. >> you better stop. i have it right here. i've been to the bank several times, and i'm onto you. >> reporter: she filed a complaint with rick's employer, the department of economic security where he workei. i. >> they want today to go away >> reporter: des p he is her husband were furious. >> i cry every day. >> reporter: tim jeffries is the executive director of des. he has repeatedly declined to confirm whether bauer was fired. he left his position on march 3rd. >> the former employee departed as an at-will employee, and that's the extent of my comment. >> reporter: internal e-mails
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agency as a temporary worker twice. >> e-mails indicate that mr. richard bauer slipped through the car accident of this agency. >> he reappeared in the agency twice as a temporary worker. >> reporter: all the while they were told appropriate okay was taken against bauer. they were in for a shocker. >> it was highlyap as a temp worker, and to be aloud to return a second time as a temp worker. >> i'm -- just don't understand how my brother-in-law continued working there and no one did anything. >> the emails indicate there was no mechanism in place to prevent that. >> that was none, and is that
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>> reporter: a ludicrous sequence of events. >> the agency fell down on the job and they let him come back. what would you say to them? >> des was not perfect in this, and i take that quite deeply. and we've already reformed as a result of this. >> reporter: jeffrey believed bauer may have improperly accessed janet's case file.s no damage was identified after internal review. >> i want mother justice to bring the hammer down on this miscrecreant. >> reporter: a jury indicted bauer for theft of schemes from a vulnerable adult. part of his defense strategy was that it was an act of god. we caught up with the bauers leaving the courthouse after a previous court appearance. rick was still working at des as a temporary
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>> reporter: the prosecution report shows investigators are convinced he used his position of trust and confidence as her caregiver to control and convert more than $32,000 of her money without her knowledge and consent for his own personal benefits. his wife retired des employee virginia bauer standing by her man. >> you think you know someone. and i thought i i guess i didn't. >> your morl has ahlers hiermz and doesn't recognize anyone. >> no comment >> reporter: it's bad blood since they turn there'd relatives in. virginia bauer unlieshd torrent of ill will. >> i hope you have died and gone to hell >> reporter: a family at war. the battlefield, a cellphone. >> i would like to know how my mother is doing after all -- [ cursing ]
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>> reporter: as for janet, the bauers are no longer a part of hers. [ crying ] >> investigators interviewed the wours in their home together. rick admitted he deposited the $32,000 cashier's check into his saves account and paid off his credit card bills. shows virginia knew her mother was suffering from a smished mental capacity and so did rick. virginia has not been charged. her husband has entered a not guilty plea. he is scheduled to stand trial in february. des director jeffrey says they've put in place reforms to ensure when someone departs the agency, they don't boomerang back in in any inappropriate form, even as
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>> you can read wendy's comp hennive article on >> we put extended coverage of this and resources on what you can look out for. you can see the numbers at the bottom of your screen.
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>> some of us did very well. rainfall totals from across the valley. queen creek, over half an inch. .3 in gilbert. .4/100th of an there's your 7-day. 20% chance of rain through tomorrow morning before we clear out. clearing out for the weekend. still time to vote in our
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors isk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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coyotes down 4-1 in the 3rd 3rd. coyotes win 3-1. first time they won a game trailing after two periods since january 12th.
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tomorrow. vista at mountain view. highlights and postgame reaction. my mvp, watch that! >> oh! >> how did he catch that? >> won the game, 43-28. >> looks cox catch. [ laughter ]
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do you trust arizona's voting system? several hundred of you voted tonight. the final tally, 60% say no. 40% of you do. >> we'd love to hear back from you. >> get the latest news no matter where you are on
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- benedict cumberbatch.


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